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Business Operations
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My Job as a Trainer

At Unique Directions in Training I view my job as trainers much differently than most in my field. Rather than talking at you and giving a roomful of people general advice on how to run a successful business, I take a unique angle. My approach is to make the training experience personalized, addressing the challenges and issues that are impacting your business right now

In my trainings, you'll take an active role in the discussion, working in groups to find solutions. You'll be amazed at how, with the support of your trainer and your fellow participants, you'll start thinking in whole new ways.

So what's my job?
As facilitators, it is my job to help you find the answers to your problems that are within you and you have yet to find. It all begins with you.

I've seen it happen thousands of times at my trainings—business owners always know the solutions to their challenges, and they just need to think outside the box to find them. I'll provide you with the resources you need to make that happen, as well as the inspiration and the motivation to see these solutions through to their implementation.

Simply put, I don't leave until everyone is satisfied with their training and ready to make change. I give you the power—and the tools—to start the process toward a better business.

Key Note Speaker
You're not getting an ordinary presentation!
At the end of a keynote presentation from me, your audience will leave motivated and inspired to make change and will also have the tools and resources to make that change happen.
We take a unique angle!
At Unique Directions in Training, I view my jobs as trainer much differently than most in my field. My approach is to make the training experience personalized, addressing the challenges and issues that are impacting your business right now.
Business Coach
Address the issues facing your business!
My clients benefit greatly from more one-on-one consultation to meet your precise needs.
I work directly with you to find new ways and ideas to improve your salon operations.
The Learning Experience
Fun, energetic and inspirational!
If you're tired of listening to speakers drone on as they stand behind a lectern, then Unique Directions in Training is the solution for you. In our sessions, you'll work in groups through an experiential process.
It's never a gamble with Lauren Stiles
Lauren Stiles is the business side of beauty
A trainer and consultant who motivates people to make the change they need. Lauren Stiles has helped thousands of people with the day-to-day operations of running a small business.
Her experience in the salon industry makes her a trusted, valuable resource for salon owners and managers.
Our salon manager, Tania Rios and I joined this program… I have seen Tania become a better communicator and sharpen her management skills… She has better control and is more confident...